ugmtospf.jpg Pro Electrical Adapters
Adapters are used when you must use several connection systems on the same stage. The most common use would be plugging a light with a "house" (Edison) plug into a permanently installed Stage Pin or Twistlock outlet on a stage. Adapters are 1-2 feet each and are available in a variety of (15-20 amp) configurations:
sp-twofer.jpg Pro Adapters: Twofers and Threefers
When you want to plug two or three stage lights into one stage outlet, you need a twofer (or threefer!). These handy adapters come in handy on almost every stage, even with the most sophisticated lighting systems. We offer the following configurations:
dmxadapter.jpg DMX Adapters
Perfect for using 3-pin and 5-pin stage lighting devices together. Each adapter is 6" long.