We offer a variety of electrical and electronic connectors.
edison.JPG Hubbell Edison (U-Ground) Connectors
These are high quality, all-purpose connectors, U.L. listed for 15 and 20 amps. This is your standard U.S. plug - ones you would find in your home, office, or anywhere else. Many portable dimming systems use Edison connectors for quick hook-ups with standard cords. Important: 20 amp connectors have one sideways prong; make sure that's what you want... 15 amp connectors are the standard ones!
stagepin.JPG Stage Pin Connectors
Industry standard stage pin connectors, listed for 20A. Bates, Entertainment Power Systems, and Rosco Connectors offer innovative features which make them ideally suited to withstand the rigors of production. The UL Listed plugs and receptacles are compatible with 2P&G devices. Sturdy brass pins and sockets are mounted with a minute amount of play to insure positive alignment and are individually replaceable in the event of damage. Connectors are supplied complete with the necessary lugs, screws, and lock washers. These are the most common stage connectors. Larger stage pin connectors are available; please contact us for details.
twistlock.JPG Hubbell Twist-Lock Connectors
Standard "New Style" Only; Inquire about our many twist-lock variations!

The industry standard for twist-lock connectors, so much that they are commonly referred to as "Hubbells." The connectors only fit in to each other one way. To lock the connection in place, you must turn the plug. This makes it nearly impossible to come apart, making twist-lock connectors ideal for high-traffic areas. Aside from the standard stage pin connector, the twist-lock connector is used quite often on stages, especially in schools.

10pincj.jpg Cinch Jones Connectors
Commonly seen on 1970s "blue boxes," these connectors carry analog lighting signal from analog dimmer packs to analog lighting boards. They come in various configurations, so make sure to check your particular model. These are handy replacements for fixing old systems! You won't believe how many of these are still used all over the country.
neutrik3pinmale.jpg XLR/DMX Connectors (Neutrik)
XLR connectors serve many functions in the modern world of theater. XLR connectors with three pins are your typical "microphone" plugs. Those with 3, 4, and 5 pins are also used for control signal, such as electronic dimming information sent from lighting boards to dimmer packs. Common DMX configurations are 5 pins and 3 pins for multiplex. 4 pin XLR connectors are commonly used for AMX (analog multiplex), a control signal popular on 1980s and early 1990s equipment. It is also used for Clear-Com communications equipment. 5 pin DMX is the industry standard for all modern stage lighting equipment. We use only high quality Neutrik XLR connectors.
WPL-1178.jpg TecNec/Neutrik XLR/DMX Wall Plates
Perfect for installation in standard single-gang wall boxes, these professional wall plates can be installed all around your theater. 5-pin OR 3-pin XLR connectors are available for either DMX, MPX, or audio signals.
dfd-wallplate.jpg Doug Fleenor Design Wall Plates
The Passive DMX512 Wall Plate is a single-gang "switch box" cover milled from solid aluminum. Fitted with either a male or female 5-pin XLR connector (3-pin optional), the plate is available in black anodized. Nomenclature is permanently milled into the faceplate. The rear of the wall plate features screw terminals for easy field wiring. The Buffered DMX512 Wall Plate is a single-gang "switch box" cover, milled from black anodized solid aluminum. It is fitted with a female 5-pin XLR connector (3-pin optional), and "LIGHTING CONTROL DMX512" is permanently milled into the faceplate. Screw terminals are on the back of the wall plate for easy field wiring.