Control Signal Adapters and DMX Devices

Convert DMX-512 to other signals for compatibility; split control signals for use with multiple lighting controllers or DMX universes; test connectivity. Contact us for more adapters.
dmx16.jpg Leviton Demultiplexor DMX 16
SKU: N0016

The DMX demultiplexors offered by Leviton are to provide a means of interfacing Micro-plex to non-multiplexed dimmer systems, along with effects offered by other manufacturers.

  • Adapts NSI 128 Channel Micro-Plex to any 0-10 V Dimmer Packs
  • 16 Independent Control Channels
  • Automatic Lamp Test Function
  • AC Power On Indicator
  • Allows Interface of NSI Microprocessor Memory Controllers
  • LED Operation/Intensity Indicators
  • Expands Easily
Our Price: $299.00 Quantity
if501.jpg Leviton Interface I/F 501
SKU: N0501
The little box that does it all! Convert across many popular signals, including analog, DMX, NSI's Microplex and Luma-Net.

The Leviton Interface (I/F) 501 allows communication between various lighting control protocols. In addition to merging protocols, this interface device is capable of converting computer protocols to lighting protocols.

  • Up to 512 Control Channel Addresses
  • Configure Mode Select Switches
  • 4 Line Analog (0-10V DC)
  • Bottom Chassis Key Holes Positioned for Easy Wall Mounting
  • 15 V DC External Power Supply Port
  • DMX512 Input/Output Ports
  • NSI Micro-Plex Input/Output Ports
  • RS-232 Input Port (DB-9 connector)
  • NSI Luma-Net Architectural Lighting Port (RJ-14 style connector)
  • NSI Luma-Net Software Interface Capability
  • Luma-Net 2 Compatible
  • Other configurations available for obsolete signals such as AMX and CMX!
Our Price: $399.00 Quantity
datastream4.jpg Chauvet Data Stream 4 Optical DMX Splitter
SKU: Data Stream 4
The Data Stream™ 4 is a universal DMX-512 optical splitter designed to distribute the incoming DMX signal, in daisy chain configurations, into four separate outputs with an additional “thru” port.
  • Universal DMX-512 optical splitter
  • One input to four outputs (3-pin and 5-pin)
  • Additional thru output (3-pin and 5-pin) (for linking to other Data Streams)
  • Electrical isolation between input and output
  • 1-space (1U) rack mount
Our Price: $129.99 Quantity
fleenor123.jpg Doug Fleenor Design DMX512 Isolated Splitter/Amplifier
The DMX512 Isolated Splitter / Amplifier is available in three standard configurations: three, five, or eleven outputs from a single DMX input. An enhanced five output splitter with protection from miswiring and lightning, and a universal power supply is also available (see model 125EE). Units with any number of inputs and outputs may be manufactured on a custom basis.

Each output is electrically isolated from the input, and every other output, by 2500 volt optical couplers. Each output has its own line driver and associated power supply.

fleenor125ee.jpg Doug Fleenor Design Enhanced DMX Isolated Splitter
SKU: 125EE
The Enhanced2 Isolated Splitter [125EE] includes all the features of our standard models with added protection to meet the needs of harsh operating conditions. As with our standard splitters, all outputs are isolated from the input and from the other outputs by optical couplers. Every output has its own power supply and line driver. For protection against electrical storms, the 125EE adds four transient absorbers on the input, two on each output, and one on the power line. To protect against miswiring, it also has self resetting fuses on the DMX512 input and outputs that protect the splitter against damaging voltages up to 120 volts. Indicators on each output display power and termination status. Indicators on the input display signal present and valid DMX signal. The 125EE is designed to work on any voltage between 90 and 240 volts.

NOTE: This product uses slew-rate-limited output drivers. Slew-rate-limited drivers minimize EMI and reduce reflections caused by improperly terminated cables.

Our Price: $1,099.00 Quantity
24anl-f.jpg Doug Fleenor Design DMX to Analog 24 channel converter
Zero to ten volt analog control still has a place in the modern lighting control world. Interfacing to older dimmers, custom controls, animatronics and motion control are just a few of the uses of our DMX512 to 0-10 Volt Analog Converter.
Our Price: $679.00 Quantity
tstr.jpg Doug Fleenor Design DMX512 Line Tester (5-pin)
The DMX512 Line Tester instantly displays the presence of +/- data on DMX lines and feed-through connectors. It serves as a perfect pocket sized tool for troubleshooting DMX512 cabling.
Our Price: $34.00 Quantity
term.jpg Doug Fleenor Design DMX Terminator (5-pin)
The DMX Terminator plugs into the XLR feed-through connector of the final DMX512 device on a control cable. It improves signal reliability by preventing reflections and reducing ringing. A "happy" LED indicates a strong signal. Three Tranzorb transient-absorbing diodes suppress spikes caused by electrical storms. Radio frequency interference (RFI) is bypassed to chassis by the .001uF capacitance of the Tranzorb diode
Our Price: $54.00 Quantity