Intelligent Lights/Moving Yokes

From small DJ setups to large-scale Broadway theaters, these moving head intelligent lighting fixtures have become the staple of a creative, innovative, modern design. We have fixtures to suit every need. Please browse the categories below, call us, and select the effects or fixtures that are appropriate for your project or touring company. We also sell top-of-the-line moving lights from Vari*Lite, Martin, JB Lighting, Strong which may not be available for purchase online.
legend230sr-P-03L.jpg Chauvet Legend 230SR Beam
SKU: Legend 230SR Beam
Legend™ 230SR Beam features a 230-watt Osram Sirius lamp outputting an intense 96,000 lux at 15 meters, thanks to precision glass optics and a tiny 2.25-degree beam angle. Compact and agile, it also features a zooming 8-facet prism and 17 gobos (plus open) for beam shaping effects, along with automated focus. In addition to 14 solid colors plus white, the color wheel is delivers seamless split colors.
Our Price: $2,999.99 Quantity
Legend-412-FRONT.jpg Chauvet Legend 412
Legend™ 412 is an innovative, high performance moving yoke wash with 12 quad-colored RGBW Cree LEDs controllable in quadrants. Nimble and ultra-compact, it is a multipurpose unit, capable of an excellent wash, dynamic chases and eye-candy pixel-mapping effects. The incorporation of white emitters increases the overall brightness, and makes for better color rendering, while the calibration of LEDs ensures the visual uniformity of output.
Our Price: $949.00 Quantity
Legend-412-VW-FRONT-COOL-N-WARM.jpg Chauvet Legend 412 VW
Legend™ 412 VW shares the architecture of the Legend™ 412 but incorporates the variant of warm and cool white quad-colored Cree LEDs for better, purer whites and the flexibility of color temperature selection to go from warm and inviting, to crisp and cold shades. Fast and precise, it too, is capable of dynamic pixel-mapping effects and internal chases.
Our Price: $1,149.99 Quantity
q-spot-360-led-1pl.jpg Chauvet Q-Spot 360-LED
SKU: Q-Spot 360-LED
Q-Spot™ 360-LED is the most economical solution for high impact, yet energy-saving projections from a moving yoke spot fixture. It shares the architecture and optical system of the Q-Spot™ 460-LED and, likewise, boasts a feature-rich profile that delivers crisp and vivid patterns equally suited for mobile and permanent applications.
Our Price: $999.99 Quantity
q-spot-460-led-0pl.jpg Chauvet Q-Spot 460-LED
SKU: Q-Spot 460-LED
Q-Spot™ 460-LED is a precise, feature-rich moving yoke with a bright, even output from a patented LED optical system. The combination of dual gobo wheels, a richly saturated color wheel, and a three-facet prism enables advanced effects and smooth gobo morphing. Fitted with seven 10-watt long-life diodes, Q-Spot™ 460-LED is the perfect choice for punchy, razor-sharp projections in small concerts, mobile entertainment, or club and hospitality environments.
Our Price: $1,299.99 Quantity
Q-Spot-560-RIGHT.jpg Chauvet Q-Spot 560-LED
Q-Spot™ 560-LED is a precise, fully-loaded moving yoke with a bright, even output and a lighter-than-average weight in its class. Three 60-watt diodes, COB technology, dual gobo wheels, a richly saturated color wheel, an iris and a three-facet prism deliver a full arsenal of advanced effects as well as razor-sharp projections for small to mid-size entertainment and hospitality applications.
Our Price: $1,799.99 Quantity
qwash-260-1-lg.jpg Chauvet Q-Wash 260-LED
Q-Wash™ 260-LED is a blazingly fast, compact moving yoke wash with 37 high-power Cree LEDs. A narrow 6-degree beam angle affords the versatility of an effective wash, also capable of punchy aerial effects. A color-blending filter further enhances the smooth wash capability of this surprisingly affordable luminaire.
Our Price: $799.99 Quantity
Q-Wash-436Z-LED-2pl.jpg Chauvet Q-Wash 436Z-LED
Q-Wash™ 436Z-LED is a moving yoke wash powered by 36 10-watt quad-colored RGBW LEDs. It produces a full range of saturated colors and excellent whites. Built-in color macros and the ability to individually control five sections of LEDs make for great eye-candy. Q-Wash™ 436Z-LED is equipped with a flicker-free dimming curve and a versatile 17°-39° zoom, which makes it appropriate for a wide variety of applications including television sets.
Our Price: $3,199.99 Quantity
q-wash-1-l.jpg Chauvet Q-Wash 560Z-LED
Q-Wash™ 560Z-LED is a best-in-class moving yoke wash with a wide zoom range and a variable beam angle. It powers out an impressive 13,100 lux at 5 meters. The incorporation of 91high intensity and calibrated RGBWA Cree LEDs ensures a uniform wash, excellent color rendering and a vast color palette of soft pastels and vivid hues.
Our Price: $1,999.99 Quantity
my150.jpg Elektralite my150 Moving Yoke Spot
Our mid-range moving head fixture, the my150, has been designed to surpass user expectations of performance, features and reliability at this price level. HSD150/70 lamp; pan/tilt changeable; rotating bi-directional color wheel with 10 colors and rainbow; rotating bi-directional gobo wheel with 7 gobo; lamp on separate dimmer; strobe; programmable effects and macros; DMX or sound activation; includes 50' DMX cable, mounting U-bracket, and safety cable.
Our Price: $869.00 Quantity
lxe700spot.jpg Elektralite LXE700spot
The LXE700spot represents a huge step forward for Elektralite being the brightest spot fixture they have produced to date. Equipped with both full CMY mixing and an additional color wheel, the fixture is able to produce both subtle shades and strong saturated colors. An electronic stepped zoom, offering beam angles of 24º, 28º and 35º, two indexable rotating gobo wheels, plus an effect wheel further expand the possibilities.
Our Price: $4,799.00 Quantity
lxe700wash.jpg Elektralite LXE700wash
The LXE700wash represents a huge step forward for Elektralite being the brightest fixture they have produced to date. Equipped with both full CMY mixing and an additional color wheel, the fixture is able to produce both subtle shades and strong saturated colors. An electronic zoom – between 7º and 28º – and effect wheel beam shaping further expand the possibilities.
Our Price: $3,999.00