Computerized Lighting Boards

Fully-computerized controllers for traditional dimmers and modern intelligent fixtures in sophisticated stage, architectural, and club lighting systems. Not all prices are listed; CALL US FOR A QUOTE ON YOUR COMPUTERIZED LIGHTING BOARD if the price reads $0. Thank you.
mc2448.jpg Leviton NSI MC 24/48
SKU: N2448
Precise lighting control can be the difference between a good show and a spectacular event. The MC 24/48 lighting control console from Leviton-NSI gives you the powerful unification of advanced theatrical functions and sophisticated intelligent device control for capabilities never before available... at such an economical price. Easy-to-use display and control features seamlessly link intelligent and standard light fixtures to help you create any look you desire. Multiple fixture attributes may be controlled at once with Leviton-NSIís unique trackball and encoder inputs, while complete information is yours at a glance with the LCD display and up to two monitors. (Monitor required, order separately.)
  • 600 Max Cue Capacity
  • Max Dimmers
  • 2 Pair Cross Faders
  • Up to 2,000 Macros
  • 24 Submasters with up to 8 Pages with Bump Buttons
  • 7 Encoder Wheels for Individual Trait Control of
  • Motorized Devices for Pan, Tilt and Level Control
  • Trackball
  • Stage, Preview, Device, Cue Sheet, Track Sheet, Playback, Patch and Setup Display Screens
  • Cue Numbering from .1 to 999.9 via Numeric Keypad
  • Optional 2nd Video Card
Our Price: $2,999.00
piccolo.jpg Leviton Piccolo
Leviton's Piccolo line of lighting controllers offer features and functionality not commonly found in a console of this size. While it functions easily as a standard manual/memory board with traditional channel capacities and simple user interface components, Piccolo also offers features and capabilities previously unavailable in products in this category. Great for traditional theaters, schools, studios, houses of worship, and black box theaters, the Piccolo offers full cue list support with standard "go" and "back" buttons in addition to individual channel and submaster control. Order the optional monitor support for the most powerful and versatile computer-based experience. The Piccolo comes in four basic models, with support from 48 (shown in picture) to 192 channels.
  • Three operating modes (two scene, single scene, and "theater" mode)
  • 32 Attribute channels for automated devices
  • Full access to all channels via faders
  • Advanced user interface with keypad, data entry wheel, and display
  • Proportional softpatch to all 512 DMX channels
  • 10,000 cues numbered 0.0-999.9, eight cue attributes
  • 99 unlimited-step effects
  • 10 pages of assignable submasters
  • DMX out/in, Ethernet and USB connections, worklight outlet, MIDI in/out, LT-Link, optional VGA output
  • Off-Line Editor
Our Price: $0.00
congo.jpg ETC Congo
SKU: Congo
Under Construction
Our Price: $0.00
congojr.jpg ETC Congo Jr.
SKU: Congo Jr.
Under Construction
Our Price: $0.00
element.jpg ETC Element
SKU: Element
Under Construction
Our Price: $0.00
eos.jpg ETC Eos
SKU: Eos
Under Construction
Our Price: $0.00
ion.jpg ETC Ion
SKU: Ion
Under Construction
Our Price: $0.00